First Signs of Winter?

The GFS model, one of the primary models used for medium/long range weather forecasting, for Friday 26 October brings bitingly cold northerly winds across Ireland and wintry showers to high ground, particularly in the northern half of the country.

The below image features precipitation type (top left), upper air/1500m temperatures (top right), air pressure (bottom left), and the jetstream (bottom right). All images by, compiled by The Meteo Times. Click on the image to enlarge.

The Arctic Oscillation (AO) index indicates a negative outlook for the same period, suggesting that colder air over the Arctic will seep south. See below image.

GFS 850hpa (upper air). Image c/o/ Netweather

The ECM model, however, has the northerly plunge affecting Scandinavia.See below image.

That said, the winter 2012-13 model watching season has begun in earnest.

We will keep an eye on how future model runs pan out as the outlook is subject to considerable change in the meantime.

The TMT Team