Fireball Blazes Across Irish Skies

Dramatic Reports of a fireball blazing across the sky and breaking up into several pieces have been seen from the west of Ireland all the way to parts of the English coast.

Just after 11pm a large ball of fire broke up and went across the sky East to West and has dazzled many people not knowing if it was a plane coming down or not.

Currently , the event could have been an old satellite burning up on re-entry hence the slow transition across the sky of which many people have said it last roughly 10 seconds.

It could also have been a meteorite coming through the atmosphere at a low angle and also giving it the long transition time.

Kate Parke commented on her sighting of it: " Yes!!! we are in south Kildare saw 12 of them different sizes travelling at same speed maintaining same distance, in a straight line very quickly west."

Lydia Ohara also witnessed the amazing sight: "Seen it too...sent shivers dwn my spine...amazing so it orange stars all joined together...gorgeous!"

Dave Fitzgerald captured the rare moment on camera , some great quick action on his part!
Alex Gogan also captured the dazzling moment
A dramactic video of the moment as it blazed across the sky. 
Warning of some moderate Language in the following clip.

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More to follow...