Peter O'Donnell's Winter 2012-13 Forecast Summary

Fireball Blazes Across Irish Skies

Advanced Alert : Stormy Conditions possible early next week.

Ireland, UK And Earth From Space, 8 September 2012

Dawn Breaking Over Dalkey Island, Dublin, 05 September 2012

Wicklow Skies, 08 September 2012


WORLD FROM SPACE - Pan-Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan

WORLD FROM SPACE - Sutter Buttes, California, USA

Lenticular Cloud, Baldonnell, Dublin, 06 September 2012

Early Morning Mist, Wicklow Hills, 08 September 2012

VIDEO - Flying Over Ireland, September 2012

IMAGES - Early Autumn Snow, Zugspitze, Germany, September 2012

Mist On Lake Ammersee, Herrsching, Germany, September 2012

Flooding, Kolkata, India, September 2012

Star Trails, New Jersey, USA, September 2012

Northern Lights, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, September 2012

Rain Prayers, Kediri, Indonesia, 6 September 2012

Sunrise, Tartaraghan, Co Armagh, 08 September 2012

Storm, Al Saleh Mosque, Yemen, 05 September 2012

Early Autumn Heatwave, Cologne, Germany, 07 September 2012

Dust Devil, Ropesville, Texas, USA, 07 September 2012

Hurricane Isaac Reveals Wreckage Of 1923 Schooner

Leslie Strengthens In The Atlantic

Hurricane Michael To Moves Toward Newfoundland

Rising Sun, Kilkenny, 08 September 2012

September Sky, Kilmainham, Dublin, 8 September 2012

Weather Data For Ireland - 7 September 2012

Ireland, UK And Planet Earth From Space, 7 September 2012

Dozens Killed And 20,000 Homes Damaged In China Earthquakes

Beverly Hills, California, Hit By Second Quake In One Week

Red Sky Over Inchicore, Dublin, 05 September 2012

Evening skies, Ballingarry, Tipperary, 04 September 2012

Met Office Publishes Long-Term UK Climate Averages