VIDEO Earth Illuminated: ISS Time-lapse Photography

This image of Ireland was taken on the 28th April 2011 at 18.30 GMT from the International Space Station as it passed over the UK.
From high above the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS) provides a unique vantage point to view our home planet. 

Stunning time-lapse photography of cities, aurora, lightning and other sights are seen from orbit. Famed astronomer Galileo imagined these views from space and now through the technological marvel of the space station, we can see them for ourselves. 

Meanwhile, the International Space Station (ISS) will cross over Ireland's skies from 9:59 p.m. and 11:36 p.m. this evening (Tuesday).  Viewing opportunities will vary depending on your location due to scattered cloud cover. The Station will take on the appearance of a bright star racing from west to East across the skies.  It will take approximately 9-10 minutes to cross the sky.

Viewing timetable for next 7 days. Click to enlarge
Ireland and Britain from space, as seen from the ISS. Image via Michelle Carry

The International Space Station (ISS) is a joint project of five space agencies: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (United States), the Russian Federal Space Agency (Russian Federation), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan), the Canadian Space Agency (Canada) and the European Space Agency (Europe). It is serviced primarily by the Soyuz, Progress spacecraft units and possible private missions in near future. Last Space Shuttle mission that serviced the Space Station ended in July 2011 (Atlantis, STS-135). The ISS is expected to remain in operation until at least 2020, and potentially to 202.

For more time-lapse imagery, visit the NASA website: From here, NASA invites you to download videos or stills to enjoy or perhaps even create an ISS time-lapse video production of your own.