Heavy Thundery Showers Alert – 16/17 August 2012

Sat24.com satellite image showing rain front moving north-northeast toward the south Irish coast.
Heavier showers with some embedded thunder will develop rapidly this evening and will sweep northeast across most regions overnight.

The showers will bring 15-30 mms rain and occasional wind gusts to about 35 mph (veering SE to SW). Some spot flooding is possible as a result of the already saturated ground conditions.

It will be very mild with lows only falling to about 17 C in Dublin and 15 C further west.

The heavy showers currently affecting northern parts of Ulster will die out as the afternoon progresses. Some lightning strikes have already been reported here, as the below image illustrates (strikes marked red).

Further rainfall is forecast to return to Munster, Leinster and east Ulster during Friday with heavy falls in places. The rain will be more showery in nature in west Ulster and Connacht.

MODIS satellite image showing extensive cloud cover Ireland at midday on Thursday.