Egg-Sized Hailstones Injure 20 In Siberia

At least 20 people injured as huge hailstones pound Mezhdurechensk, Siberia, on Tuesday (14, August 2012). Over 100 cars were also damaged in the incident.

The evening saw a sudden change of weather, with a torrential downpour of huge hailstones, some larger than chicken eggs. Witnesses said some hailstones reached almost three inches in diameter.

Town residents had to run for shelter literally to save themselves. Big hailstones pierced holes in car windows, sometimes smashing the glass completely.

Meteorologists say they believe the sudden summer storm was caused by a sharp temperature drop from almost 90 degrees Farenheit at lunchtime to just over 60 degrees Farenheit by the evening.

Mezhdurechensk is located in the Kemerovo region in Central Siberia over 2300 miles east of Moscow.

Report by Sam Datta-Paulin.