WSI Forecasts Warm March, Cooler April And May

WSI (Weather Services International), a subsidiary of The Weather Channel, says it expects temperatures between March and May to average lower than normal across the UK Ireland  and most of southern mainland Europe.  

However, above-normal temperatures are expected across northern mainland Europe and most of the Nordic region.

“The bitterly cold regime over much of Europe is coming to an end as we head into late February. Recent long-range model solutions, along with the sub-seasonal drivers such as the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), suggest that the large-scale pattern will be more conducive for warmer weather heading into March,” said WSI Chief Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford. 

“The exception will be in parts of eastern and southeastern Europe, where recent excessive snowfall will likely delay the transition towards warmer temperatures until later in the spring. Further, there are no indications that any prolonged periods of North Atlantic blocking, or negative NAO, should be expected anytime soon. For the spring season, this implies a general pattern of above-normal temperatures in northern regions and below-normal temperatures across the South. It also implies that wetter and windier conditions should return to the northern hydrological/wind generation regions, with drier and less windy conditions at more southern latitudes.”

In March, WSI forecasts:
Nordic Region* – Warmer than normal
UK/Ireland* – Warmer than normal
Northern Mainland* – Warmer than normal
Southern Mainland* – Colder than normal

In April, WSI forecasts:
Nordic Region – Warmer than normal, except southern Norway/Sweden
UK/Ireland – Cooler than normal
Northern Mainland – Cooler than normal
Southern Mainland – Cooler than normal

In May, WSI forecasts:
Nordic Region – Warmer than normal, except southern Norway
UK/Ireland – Cooler than normal
Northern Mainland – Warmer than normal
Southern Mainland – Warmer than normal, except southeastern Europe

WSI will issue its next seasonal outlook on 19 March.

*To view the map defining WSI’s European regions, click here.