VIDEO Planetary Conjunction, Aurora And Glenshane Pass Snow

Aurora display over Derry. Image Martin McKenna

Martin McKenna of NightSkyHunter packed his camera and set off from his home in Maghera last Saturday (18 February 2012) to film some of the heavy snow showers moving through the Glenshane Pass, a mountain pass cutting through the Sperrin Mountains in County Derry.

Later that evening, Martin managed to photograph a conjunction of planets Venus and Jupiter as well as the relatively rare sight of aurora (Northern Lights) over Northern Ireland. 

According to Martin: "The video contains some footage of snow showers on the Glenshane Pass during my birthday on Feb 18th 2012 during an unstable post frontal air mass with 200 CAPE, LIs 0, and cold air aloft. This was followed by a beautiful conjunction of planets Venus and Jupiter from the same location then a late night aurora display captured from Maghera. A nice birthday indeed!"