"The Science of Weather Forecasting" Conference By The Irish Met. Society.

Saturday March 24th, National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin

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A History of Clouds by Sinéad Duffy, IMS Committee

Flying through a Storm - A Survivor’s Tale by Colm Conyngham, Bridgestone Ireland

Satellites, Meteorology and Contrails by Gillian Whelan, UCC

Weather Radar - the Hows and the Whys by Kieran Commins, IMS Committee

What Plants can tell us about Climate Warming by Dr Alison Donnelly, TCD

Weather Forecasting Models in Met Éireann by Eoin Whelan, Met Éireann

How Improvements in Science underpin our Forecasting Capability by Nicholas Grahame, Head of Forecasting, UK Met Office

Managing the Message - the Communication of Weather Forecasts by Gerry Murphy,Met Éireann

Poster Presentations:

"Galway Weather Station" by Fiona Gavin, NUI Galway

"Seasonal Mean Air Temperature linked with Vegetation start of Spring as determined from Satellite Imagery" by Brian O'Connor, Aberystwyth University, Wales

"Frequency of Rain/Wet Days in 2011" by Patrick Gordon, Weather Station owner, Galway

"Towards defining the impact of climate change on wind-driven rain and likely consequences for the built environment in Ireland" by David Smyth, NUI Maynooth

"High-resolution observations of meteorological variables, energy balance and CO2 concentration statistics for Dublin: 25 December 2010" by Stephanie Keogh, NUI Maynooth

"Developing a Tourism Climatic Index for Ireland" by Nichola Salmon, ICARUS, NUI Maynooth

"The Irish Cloud Appreciation Society" by Sally McKenna and Hans Wieland, co-founders of TICAS

"Urban Climate Observations: Towards a Micro-scale Urban Met Forecast Progress from the Weather Information Network Dublin (WIND) Project" by Paul Alexander, NUI Maynooth

"Forecasting Waves in the North Atlantic" by Clare Duggan, QUB

"High resolution probabilistic forecasting for wind energy applications" by Jennifer Courtney, UCD

"A Long Relative Humidity Series for Armagh Observatory -Its relevance to the occurrence of 19th century potato famines in Ireland and atmospheric warming in the 20th century" by Dr John Butler, Armagh Observatory

'Drought of 1976 ' by Nicola Brennan, UCD

Meteorology at the National Botanic Gardens by Paul Maher, NBG

What is the Astrophysics Research Group at TCD doing to understand Space Weather?” by Dr David Perez-Suarez, TCD

"Landspreading distillery effluents and distillery effluents on Miscanthus x giganteus: The impacts on groundwater quality" by Paul Galbally, Teagasc, Carlow

"The Irish Weather Network" by Karl Mehlhorn