Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts for Ireland - 23h Update

The Meteo Times' synoptics forecaster Fergal Tierney writes: Here is an update on the Aviation Forecasts, based on the latest TAFs, issued at 11pm, and valid from midnight tonight until midnight Saturday. I will decode the parts relating to precipitation in red italics underneath each one.

Note that these forecasts are valid only for within a 5-mile radius of the airport and so may or may not be representative of the wider region, depending on local effects, such as microclimates, topography, etc.

DUBLIN (71m amsl)
EIDW 072300Z 0800/0824 34008KT 8000 -RASN SCT003 BKN005
TEMPO 0801/0804 2000 -SN SCT002 BKN003
BECMG 0804/0806 29012KT NSW BKN030
PROB30 TEMPO 0808/0811 4000 -SN BKN008
BECMG 0809/0812 25015KT
TEMPO 0814/0823 25018G28KT -SHRA SCT018CB=
Light Sleet. Spells of Light Snow from 1am to 4am. Slight chance of Light Snow from 8am to 11am. Light Rain Showers from 2pm to 11pm.

SHANNON (6m amsl)
EINN 072300Z 0800/0824 33010KT 9999 SCT005 BKN010
BECMG 0800/0802 9999 SCT020
BECMG 0803/0806 29012KT
PROB30 TEMPO 0805/0808 3000 -SN BKN008
BECMG 0807/0810 25015KT
TEMPO 0811/0818 26017G28KT 5000 -SHRAGS SCT010 SCT018CB BKN020
BECMG 0821/0824 30010KT=
Slight chance of Light Snow from 5am to 8am. Light Rain and Graupel Showers from 11am to 6pm.

CORK (154m amsl)
EICK 072300Z 0800/0824 33015KT 9999 SCT002 BKN005
BECMG 0801/0804 9999 SCT005 BKN012
BECMG 0806/0809 29012KT SCT020
BECMG 0810/0812 26015KT
TEMPO 0812/0818 27016G27KT SCT018CB=
No Precipitation forecast.

EIKN 072300Z 0800/0824 33007KT 9999 SCT020
BECMG 0800/0803 29010KT
TEMPO 0803/0812 2000 -SN BKN005
PROB40 TEMPO 0809/0812 1200 SHSN BKN002 SCT018CB
BECMG 0809/0812 24017KT
TEMPO 0813/0818 26020G35KT 4000 -SHRASN -SHGS BKN008 BKN017CB
BECMG 0818/0821 30017KT=
Light Snow from 3am to midday, with medium chance of Moderate Snow Showers from 9am to midday. Light Sleet and Graupel Showers from 1pm to 6pm.

EGAA 072258Z 0800/0824 30005KT 9999 FEW020 SCT030
PROB40 TEMPO 0800/0803 6000 -RASN BKN004
PROB30 TEMPO 0806/0820 6000 -SHRASN -SHSN BKN012
BECMG 0810/0813 23015G25KT BECMG 0819/0821 27013KT=
Medium chance of Light Sleet from midnight to 3am. Slight chance of Light Sleet and Snow Showers from 6am to 8pm.

Further TAFs will be issued at 5am tomorrow. For the latest decoded TAFs and METARs (observations) use this site.