Weather News In Brief - Dec 14 2010

NASA view of Ireland from space yesterday, 13 Dec 2010 is forecasting snow by the end of the week for most of the United Kingdom.  Forecaster Simon Keeling said: “Cold weather is going to be returning through the week. There could be some widespread snow through Thursday, with conditions then turning much colder. Staying cold through the weekend with temperatures struggling to rise above freezing. There will be some snow showers too, most on the coasts. Early next week presents the possibility of some more persistent snow, before a battle begins between warm air to the south and cold air to the north for Christmas.

“We are watching Tuesday closely as this is the day when the weather we can expect through Christmas is likely to be decided. Warm air will be to the south and cold air to the north. There will be some rain, sleet and snow, although how far north the warm air extends will determine whether Christmas is mild or cold. Highs at 6C over southern England, -5C in central Scotland”. Read MORE

Ireland is in for another belt of sub-zero temperatures with snow, ice and sleet to hit by the end of the week, Met Eireann has confirmed. MORE from

Perfect storm en route to Ireland - Irish Central

IMAGES of a winter storm making its way across U.S

Meanwhile, the UK-based weatheroutlook reports: “ On Wednesday night and through Thursday a dramatic change in the weather will take place, with bitterly cold air sweeping down from the north, bringing firstly rain, and then sleet and snow, before clearing away south. Friday and the weekend are set to be very cold, and there is a risk of more prolonged, and heavy spells of sleet and snow, particularly in southern, and central areas. Significant accumulations of snow are expected. The cold weather will probably continue next week, with further rain, sleet and snow in many places. The cold spell does have the potential to bring very severe conditions to many parts of Britain.”  Read MORE

A white Christmas is now a virtual certainty, forecasters predict, with a second big freeze expected to bring snow even to the south-east and London on December 25. – The Telegraph

RESTRICTIONS TO water supplies to homes and businesses in Dublin and surrounding counties are to continue in some areas until at least next Saturday morning. MORE from The Irish Times

Sub-zero temperatures will be making an unwelcome return to Northern Ireland this week, reports The Belfast Telegraph. Paul Knightley, a forecaster with Meteogroup, said the weather will take a dramatic turn for the worse on Thursday. “For the second half of the week there is a good indication of a cold front coming from the Arctic. Thursday morning will bring a narrow line and intense band of rain turning to snow on its back edge.”  MORE