Snow to Continue Overnight

UPDATE From Peter O'Donnell (00.04am) - This next batch of snow is not so much a front as an area of unsettled weather that will arrive with colder upper level temperatures. 

I think a lot of the moisture from it will fall over Ulster (incl Donegal) and nearby parts of Connacht and north Leinster, so would just suggest that its impact on Dublin is likely to be restricted to passing flurries. Before that all arrives tomorrow, there is the slight chance of a localized streamer band setting up later tonight that I am watching at present but so far no real signs of danger.

So once the current dissolving front is fully clear of the region, probably could expect mostly foggy and cold conditions to return, but nothing to help with the icy conditions until at least Thursday

ORIGINAL ARTICLE AT 9PM: The band of snow continues to advance very slowly south towards Dublin and Wicklow, writes Peter O'Donnell. 

Reports indicate that snow gradually changes to sleet and a cold rain in this band further west, but expect this liquid precipitation to change to snow as the band continues further south tonight. The reason for this; much colder air is spreading into the system from the north at higher levels, and there is more extensive cold air banked up in the southeast ahead of the front.

In general, this snow will hold together for most of the period to about 0600h before finally reaching the southeast.  This portends a period of three to six hours of moderate to heavy snow for many places south of the current location of the snow band and amounts of 5-10 cms. Accumulations of 15 cms are likely in places especially when the northeast wind develops to enhance the snowfall along the Dublin and Wicklow coasts later.

Expect the forward speed of the frontal band to remain about 10-15 mph perhaps picking up to 20-30 mph later.

Tomorrow is still looking very cold indeed for almost all of the country, the southwest may struggle above 2 C but highs could average -2 C in the rest of Ireland.

Longer term has the same questionable looking warmup for the weekend followed by another cold plunge fairly early in the new week now. 

A further update later tonight.