GALLERY Kilkenny's Ice Tower

Kevin sent in these incredible images of a water tower, located between Johnstown and Urlingford in County Kilkenny.

Kevin said: "I'm not a photographer or anything, but this was absolutely extraordinary so I had to take some pictures. Basically, there's a huge water tower beside our house which for some reason or another, has been overflowing the past few days. I mean properly overflowing, right out the top of it. It's stopped now, but what has been left behind frozen is spectacular. Here's a few pictures of the trees at the bottom of the tower. Like I said, Im no professional, so Im sure somebody who's good at photography would love to photograph this properly!

(Note: Also, the base of the tower, the ground is really soft. I found this out the hard way. I sank as soon as I stepped inside the gate. Pretty scary, sank all the way up to my thighs and I'm a good 6'2". Had to phone for help. Very embarrassing. But that's besides the point)