Snow On The Way, Cold Spell To Continue Into December

Snow showers can be expected in most parts of Ireland over the next week as Arctic conditions extend from the north. 

Mercury levels across the country will fall to minus 7c by the beginning of next week while wintry showers also will become more widespread.

Present indications are that the cold weather will continue until the end of the first week of December with no real sign of the Atlantic re-establishing itself. The early winter cold spell is reminiscent of the Big Freeze of Winter 2009-10 which saw sub zero temperatures and occasional snow bring travel chaos across Ireland.

High ground, approximately 400-500ft above sea level in parts of the North and Northwest will see some sleet and hail showers tomorrow while the highest peaks will receive a covering of snow by Thursday morning. These showers will continue for much of Thursday and Friday.

Air temperatures will drop to minus 5-6c in parts of the Midlands, Mid West and South West by Friday night while ground temperatures could plummet to minus 9c or lower.

By Saturday, most parts of the country will be at risk of seeing wintry showers with accumulations of 2-5cm likely over the highest ground in the West, North and East of the country.

These showers will become more confine to northern and eastern areas by later in the weekend as wind shifts from a northerly to a North-easterly direction.
Snow showers more widespread next week due to a strong easterly wind

The start of next week is likely to see most of the wintry precipitation fall in the eastern half of the country where some snow can be expected at lower levels, particularly at night-time. Some of these could be heavy and will extend inland to east Munster, the Midlands, Ulster and east Connaught on a strong and bitterly cold Easterly wind. The Dublin and Wicklow Mountains, as well as higher ground in Kilkenny and Carlow could see significant accumulations.

Daytime temperatures will struggle to climb above freezing in sheltered areas next week while night-time air temperatures will dip to as low as minus 7 or 8c by midweek.

iWeather Online will post a further update tomorrow morning. The above outlook is based on the latest medium to long range models including GEFS, ECM and UKMO.