LIVE BLOG Storm Hits Ireland 11 Nov 2010

A severe weather warning for Ireland has been issued after forecasters predicted winds will reach storm force this afternoon.

Stormy conditions will continue this evening but will moderate from the west overnight.  

Gale force westerly winds will gust between 100 and 120 km/hr generally, but gusts of up to 140 km/hr are expected in exposed parts of Connacht and Ulster. These winds are likely to lead to some structural damage and will be accompanied by high seas on Atlantic coasts.

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AA roadwatch says Red Line Luas services are only operating between the Point and The Red Cow stops only due to a weather related fault.  

Irish Ferries has cancelled sailings tonight on their Rosslare-Pembroke routes.  Stenaline also  cancelled sailings from Dublin and Rosslare this evening.

Aer Lingus and Ryanair report some delays to flights at Dublin Airport tonight.

Latest satellite image of storm

10,000 customers experienced electricity outages throughout today, but power has now been restored to all but 1,500 customers. Parts of the country worstaffected include Lettermore in County Galway and Ennis in County Clare.
Latest satellite image of storm

Winds and pressure at 1800, showing the low centre just to the east of Uist Range, in the Hebrides, which is reporting 952.7hPa. Wave heights down to 9.5m at buoy 62105, from its earlier 12.4m!

Fergal Tierney says: "Gusting to 51kts at Donegal Airport and 54 kts at Derry Eglington"

Fiona Gavin Galway City says: "Wind speed increasing in Galway city. The last shower brought a gust of 60.4km/h! Mean 20.7km/" 
A man is being treated for minor injuries at the midlands regional hospital after he was struck by timber which fell from a building during high winds in Mullingar, Co Westmeath this afternoon.

Contribution from Fiona Gavin in Galway City:
Heavy showers and blustery conditions in Galway City. Temp 9.4C but feels considerably cooler due to strong W'ly winds that are still gusting to between 30 - 45 km/h. Despite the frequency of the showers today, only 10.8mm of rain has fallen since midnight. Pressure 977.9hPa and rising.

Galway has escaped the worst effects of the wind compared to the north and north-west, just small twigs and branches down around the city. No flooding in Salthill and the sea is relatively tame.

Nightime falls over a stormy West Clare. Pic Tom Clifford

Pic of wind damage from naughto in Castlebar, County Mayo

From TMT Forecaster Peter O'Donnell:
Winds have probably reached their peak intensity in most western counties but it will be a long, gradual return to anything remotely "normal" with severe gusts at times until 7-8 p.m., however, you may note a trend downward in the average wind speed. Would maintain a watch for squally showers to produce severe gusts in that region.

Eastern and southeastern Ireland, which have escaped most of the wind so far, may soon be visited by fast-moving and very gusty showers and thunderstorms marking the onset of their part of the windstorm, which in general may not be as bad as further west, but certainly squally enough at gusts to 60 mph in places. With these fast-moving showers and storms, expect some intense lightning and hail at times, but very fast changing conditions.

Gerard Fleming of Met Éireann says there have been gusts of over 125km/h on the west coast.

Latest satellite view of Ireland and the UK

No major roads are closed in Donegal but Gardai say that some minor roads are experiencing disruptions due to fallen debris. 


Many parts of Castlebar in County Mayo are apparently without electricity

A number of trees have fallen in the Cratloe and Newmarket on Fergus areas of County Clare.  Fallen trees on Cloughjordan Road and Limerick roads out of Nenagh in County Tipperary.

Scores of ships and fishing boats have taken shelter in harbours from Donegal to Kerry. Galway Harbour Master Capt Brian Sheridan told RTE News the conditions are the worst experienced so far this year.

Pics from Achill Island, Co Mayo, by Winger_PL and Iancar29


Commuter rail services  running 15mins late due to low rail adhesion

The Irish Coast Guard has advised people not to go out on exposed coasts, cliffs, piers, harbour walls, beaches and promenades. Irish Water Satefy also urged people to keep away from the water's edge.

From winger-pl on Achill Island - "Hi... Reporting from the Menawn mountain at Achill.  sitting in a car, we can barely walk outside. We reckon it's a steady 100mph there now"

Info contributed by Patrick Gordon, Tuam
12z HIRLAM still has strong winds off the Donegal coast right up until evening. Wind forecast for 18:00utc (24 Ms = beufort Force 9)

In Limerick City sandbags have been put in place on Bishop, Howley and Harvey Quays. Limerick City Council says there could be flooding problems at high tide at 10pm.

Donegal Town video submitted by Diarmaid

Finner Camp in Donegal reports gust of 70knots = 81mph

DART services running 15mins late due to low rail adhesion - Iarnrod Eireann



Info from Fergal Tierney:
Donegal Airport 39 gust 59
Dublin Airport 31 gust 54 

Lightning reported throughout Mid West region. Click here to view map


Pics from Westport, County Mayo by snow ghost 

From Fergal Tierney: Befast City and Derry Eglington 9hr TAFs issued at 1400, valid up to 2200. Gusts to 50 and 52 kts, respectively, with chance of heavy thunderstorms at Derry
Belfast City
EGAC 111403Z 1115/1121 25025G38KT 9999 SCT025 TEMPO 1115/1121 26032G50KT 7000 SHRA RA
EGAE 111403Z 1115/1122 24026G40KT 9999 SCT025 TEMPO 1115/1122 26033G52KT 7000 SHRA RA PROB30 TEMPO 1115/1122 4000 +TSRA

From Diarmaid in Donegal Town:

From Fergal Tierney: The US have Carmen (let's start referring to it by her proper name!) developing hurricane force winds out to sea by tonight, which again I think is a slight exaggeration.

Click image to enlarge

Thunder and lightening reported in the Gort area of south Galway.

From Fiona Gavin in Galway City -
Winds moderating in Galway, now gusting to no more than 45 - 55km/h and skies have cleared. Off to Salthill for some pics!!


Pic sent in by Diarmaid in Donegal Town. Click to enlarge

Satellite image. Click to enlarge


74.8 kmh (40.4 kts) recorded at Stacks Mountain, Co Kerry.m For more click here


Video from County Mayo by flateric500

1.25PM From TMT Forcaster Peter O'Donnell: -- peak gusts may in fact still occur on west coast in an hour or two but from what I can see now, it shouldn't get a lot worse, although Malin Head will ramp up, now thinking the peak gusts may be around 80 kts in general. -- wind should increase rather markedly in eastern and southeastern counties when a weak trough finishes crossing the country soon, and allows the wind direction to become more west than southwest. It probably won't be much like the situation in the west but there will be stronger gusts soon, probably from about 2 p.m. on until almost midnight. -- watching radar for any signs of tornadic wind streaks, nothing much has developed towards that limit yet.
1.16PM Info from Fergal Tierney: Mace head 43 gust 64 kts Connaught Airport 46 gust 62 kts Belmullet 34 gust 60 kts Malin Head 35 gust 55 kts Shannon Airport 33 gust 55 kts 1.10PM Strongest winds yet to hit Ireland. Patrick Gordon provided the following to TMT:
Click images to enlarge
High winds have brought down trees in the Athenry area of Co Galway and council workers have been called in to clear the roads, RTE reports. 12.51PM A number of services to and from Belfast and Larne have also been cancelled or postponed to a later time. 12.50PM Info from Fergal Tierney: 11.5m wave heights at buoy 62105, just to the northwest of Belmullet. Wind 34 gusting 56 knots. For more click here 12.48PM Motorists are being advised to avoid the area between Clooneyschreane and Castlemahon in County Limerick after phone lines and a tree were downed by strong winds. 12.42PM Stena Line has cancelled its scheduled 1.15pm ferry sailing from Dún Laoghaire to Holyhead today due to adverse conditions in the Irish Sea. The company said vehicles and passengers could be accommodated on sailings from Dublin Port. 12.40PM Video by Jonathan, Cork City
12.37PM Video image from Strandhill, Sligo. Webcam here 12.22PM
Wind chart for 3pm GMT. Click image to enlarge
12.16PM Info by Fergal Tierney: Mace Head 48 gust 66 kts Belmullet 34 gust 62 kts Sherkin Island 32 gust 57 kts Malin Head 31 gust 47 kts - on the increase 12.13PM Heavy flooding affecting a number of local roads in the Athlone area. Clonown on the Roscommon side of town particularly affected. Clownown traditionally suffers from flooding during bad weather. 12.07PM Trough/eye of storm system sweeps eastwards to the north west of Ireland. Click image to enlarge 12.03PM Trees have been blown down in a number of areas in Co Galway and council workers have been called in to clear roads in the Athenry area. Galway City update by Fiona Gavin - Getting pretty wild in Galway City now as well. Gust 52.6km/h, mean 25.7. Pressure 974.8, falling slowly. Tuam update from Patrick - Conditions here at the moment are very blustery with winds frequently gusting between 40mph and 45mph with occasional higher gusts. 11.59AM Lorry drivers are experiencing very severe cross-winds on journeys through Limerick, Clare and Galway. The RSA says motorists should watch out for falling debris and for vehicles veering in the strong winds. 11.51AM Limerick City Council has erected flood barriers along O'Callaghan Strand and Clancy Strand to try to contain any flood waters. There are warnings of further river overflows again at high tide tonight at 10pm. The flood barriers will remain in place for several days. 11.45AM Lahinch. View webcam here 11.31AM
According to iWeather Online forecaster Peter O’Donnell: “Very strong and potentially damaging winds will affect western counties by midday and eastern Ireland by afternoon. This strong wind situation has slightly intensified since earlier this week.” WIND SPEEDS: - Connacht, Clare and Donegal -- WSW 60-100 mph in exposed locations, 50-80 mph inland. Potential for some local gusts to 120 mph. - Kerry, Cork, Limerick and exposed higher elevation locations further east -- WSW 50-85 mph in most locations, potential for some local gusts to 100 mph. - Dublin and Leinster, Midlands, southeast -- WSW 45-70 mph, possible gusts to 80 in a few spots. - Ulster -- W 45-70 mph, possible gusts to 85 mph in exposed locations. Mr. O’Donnell continued: “These winds are capable of blowing over large trees in a few places, bringing down tree branches quite widely and doing damage to wires and signs as well as roof tiles and poorly secured out-buildings. Would advise no road travel unless necessary and then with caution especially after dark. Strong winds will last from about mid-day to almost midnight. Also, watch for possible shoreline problems from waves crashing over seawalls and storm surge issues -- consult local forecasts from relevant authorities.”
Co at 11.30am, 11 Nov 10. Video by flateric500
11.14AM Info by Fergal Tierney. Mace head 50 gust 64 kts Belmullet 34 gust 62 kts Sherkin Island 34 gust 54 kts Valentia 29 gust 54 kts Malin Head 28 gust 38 kts Airports Donegal 35 gust 50 kts Sligo 22 gust 33 kts Shannon 31 gust 44 kts 11am TAFs. Dublin EIDW 111100Z 1112/1212 24020G32KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 1112/1119 5000 SHRA BKN012 BKN020CB TEMPO 1112/1118 25030G46KT BECMG 1116/1119 27028G40KT TEMPO 1118/1201 27032G48KT BECMG 1200/1203 27020G30KT BECMG 1205/1208 26017KT ShannonEINN 111100Z 1112/1212 24025G37KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 1112/1203 4000 SHRA BKN012 BKN018CB TEMPO 1112/1118 24036G53KT BECMG 1116/1119 27025G38KT TEMPO 1118/1123 27033G50KT BECMG 1123/1201 27020G32KT BECMG 1204/1207 26015G27KT CorkEICK 111100Z 1112/1212 25023G38KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 1112/1120 26030G47KT 5000 SHRA BKN012 BKN020CB BECMG 1119/1122 27020G35KT BECMG 1200/1203 27018G28KT BECMG 1205/1208 26016KT ConnaughtEIKN 111100Z 1112/1212 24026G38KT 9999 SCT014 SCT020CB TEMPO 1112/1206 4000 SHRA BKN007 BKN020CB PROB30 TEMPO 1112/1114 TS TEMPO 1112/1123 25030G50KT BECMG 1202/1205 27020G30KT Belfast AldergroveEGAA 111101Z 1112/1212 24022G35KT 9999 SCT025 BECMG 1112/1116 26032G48KT TEMPO 1112/1212 6000 SHRA RA BECMG 1200/1204 27025G36KT PROB30 TEMPO 1204/1212 26015G25KT Belfast CityEGAC 111103Z 1112/1121 24022G35KT 9999 SCT025 PROB30 TEMPO 1112/1113 7000 SHRA TEMPO 1113/1121 26030G47KT 7000 SHRA RA Derry EglingtonEGAE 111103Z 1112/1121 23025G38KT 9999 SCT020 TEMPO 1112/1121 7000 SHRA RA PROB30 TEMPO 1112/1121 4000 +TSRA BECMG 1113/1116 27030G48KT 11AM: The Road Safety Authority appeals to motorists to take extra care while driving. Gusts of up to 120km/h are forecast, however winds could reach up to 140km/h in exposed parts of Connacht and Ulster.