LIVE BLOG Cold Spell 29 Nov 2010

11.59PM - With the exception of some briefer milder interludes in west and nw (marginal temp increases) we are stuck in cold until DEC 15 (latest gfs from Meteociel)

11.59PM - The HIRLAM model is very accurate at predicting where and when snow will fall within a 24 hr period. CLick on 'Nedbor' HERE
11.59PM - Good news for snow lovers. Some snow streamers forming off east coast and taking aim. MORE

11.58PM - Watch passenger planes depart from/arrive at Dublin airport here. Excellent radar featuring flight info

11.55PM - Numerous cancellations and delays at Dublin Airport. Listen in to the air traffic control tower.

11.11PM - Winds will shift to a northerly direction by Thursday.  Northwesterly by Friday. Back to northerly by Saturday night i.e. focus of snow showers shifts more to north and northwest

11.00PM - Updated Weather Warning from Met Eireann: The bitterly cold, wintry weather will continue overnight and through Tuesday and Wednesday with severe frosts and ice. Sub zero night time temperatures and as low as -10 degrees C over snow fields. There will be further episodes of hail, sleet and snow at times through this period, mostly likely in east Ulster and east Leinster. Snowfall will be heaviest over high ground and mountainous areas through the period, where falls of 10 to 25cm will occur, more typical values will be 5 to 8cm at lower levels. During tonight ( Monday night) the east coast most likely to have sleet, but this will fall as snow further inland and there may also be some snow showers later tonight in parts of Connacht and west Ulster. Updates will follow during Tuesday
10.58PM - LAMPOST WATCH: Heavy snow shower crossing Irish Sea towards Antrim, Armagh and Down. est arrival 1hr 20-30mins
10.46PM - Thunder and lightning and heavy graupel in D13

10.45PM - Frontal system to cross country from the WSW, bringing snow. Sleet/rain likely on extreme western fringes of the country

10.38PM - LAMP POST WATCH: Heavy snow shower to hit Isle of Man in 10-15mins. Moving ESE towards south Ulster/North Leinster

10.36PM - TEMPERATURE WATCH: Clonmel -8.3c, Tullow -6.1c, Kilygordon- 8.4c, Roscreas -6.6c

10.32PM - Snow will most likely sweep into Ulster and North Leinster later in the night before sweeping SE.

10.14PM - Pics by Matt Britton, Donegal

9.49PM - Would treat any prediction of rain/sleet at coast level with a grain of salt (and grit). Conditions favour snow

9.43AM - NOTE: Significant snow may develop overnight in areas close to Dublin and Wicklow but more widespread snow will come during the day tomorrow

9.35PM - Latest high res satellite view of the UK and Ireland

9.15PM - Gardai are advising motorists to drive with extreme care on the M1 Dublin/Belfast Rd between Drogheda and Julianstown due to icy conditions. * In Drogheda, extreme care required on Old Dunleer/Drogheda Rd at Maiden Cross. Extremely difficult to get up and down Hill St Bridge in Dundalk. Icy conditions remain in towns of Cooley, Omeath and Carlingford. AA ROADWATCH
9.10PM - Temperature Update: Clonmel -7.8c, Roscrea -5.8c, Kilygordon (Donegal) -7.4c, Tullow (Carlow) -6.5c

9.00PM - It will be around 6am before widespread snow shower activity occurs.  In the meantime it will very much a hit and miss affair on east coast

8.55PM - Lamp post watch: Graupel falling in Tallaght, Newbridge, north Kilkenny, Dublin 16

8.45PM - SNOW UPDATE from iWeather Online forecaster Peter O'Donnell: Few places will escape this snow, I feel ... but Galway city perhaps 1-3 cms over the next 36h. Once this activity develops it will be strong enough to travel from east coast to west coast before falling apart, and there will be one or two troughs moving west to enhance the snowfall at times.
5.14PM - Satellite animation for western Europe. HERE

5.03PM - Keep an eye on the precipitation radar for snow throughout this evening and tonight. We will be back later this evening
4.59PM - Tweet from Green Senator Niall O'Brolochain 'Global warning how are ya?'.  That mean we can axe the carbon tax Niall?

4.54PM - Live weather conditions from more than 50 locations around Ireland on our site

4.53PM - Wind charts for next 5 days HERE

4.51PM - The HIRLAM models illustrates where the snow is likely to fall. Don't forget to click on Nedbor.
4.42PM - Stay tuned to our twitter and facebook pages for more updates throughout this evening. See top bar of site for links.

4.31PM - A view from space. From

4.07PM - Lady of Mercy N.S Bantry will remain closed tomorrow Tuesday
4.06PM - LATEST ON SNOW ALERT from iWeather Online Forecaster Peter O'Donnell:
ALERT for potential snowstorm and in some cases blizzard conditions developing gradually overnight in counties Meath, Dublin, Wicklow and parts of Wexford, and spreading through Tuesday morning to many other parts of Ireland. Despite the current cold conditions, an even colder wedge of Siberian origin is rapidly moving west today across the Baltic regions and should begin to drop temperatures further across the U.K. and then Ireland overnight and through the day on Tuesday. 

There will also be a stronger easterly wind gradient developing. These factors combined should create some strong sea-effect snow streamers that will gradually make more substantial progress inland. Another area for possible sea-effect streamers will activate into the south coast, and the east coast activity will expand to cover Ulster. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 30 cms are possible across most of Ireland with the 30 cm amounts more likely to be in higher parts of Dublin and Wicklow and isolated higher districts further inland.

I should emphasize that significant snow may develop this evening and overnight in areas close to Dublin and Wicklow but the more widespread and heaviest snow is more likely to come during the day tomorrow, so expect possibly 2 to 7 cms in some of those areas now to midnight, a further 2 to 7 midnight to 0700h before the main blast develops and extends the snowfall to larger portions of the country.

This activity should begin to fade back to something closer to today's situation on Wednesday but with the additional snow, there may be more issues with blowing snow, icy roads and lower overnight temperatures lasting to Thursday morning.
4.00PM - Miss Alonso sent in this pic from her apartment in Dublin 24

3.56PM - Snow, associated with afrontal system approaching from the NW, extending only into extreme NW and W on Wednesday. Image from
3.52PM - Spare a thought for those out at sea in those temps tonight. Watch live marine traffic here

3.51PM - Latest GEFS weather model shows showers continuing into Wednesday for East coast. Snow also extending into west of the country assoicated with a frontal system approaching from the NW.

3.27PM - Statement from the inter-agency group on Severe Weather, 29 November 2010:
The inter-agency co-ordination group on severe weather met this morning. The group reviewed reports from the various agencies regarding issues relating to the severe weather.

 Met Eireann reported that there is no sign of the wintry weather abating and last night, air temperatures of between -2 and -9 were recorded at weather stations.  There is no sign of a thaw in the coming days and this situation may continue perhaps even until early next week.

 Today, much of the country is cold and dry.  Weather systems are approaching from the north sea and tonight and tomorrow, east Ulster, the eastern half of Leinster and east Munster are at high risk of sleet and snow showers; with a risk of some significant snowfall in places.  The public is reminded that the weather situation is always evolving and to listen to the news and weather forecasts which are updated regularly (

All Local authorities are treating roads on a prioritised road basis. The NRA has confirmed that adequate salt stocks are in place nationally and are being distributed as required to local authorities.  The most critical roads within the road network are being treated on a daily basis. These roads account for approximately 60% of all traffic (including key public transport routes) and 80% of all commercial traffic.

 Public transport services continue to operate but there are curtailments on some Bus Eireann routes and Dublin Bus routes.  Irish Rail and Luas services are fully operational.  Airports and sea ports are also operational.  Anyone wishing to travel, should check with their service provider directly. Further information is available from

Members of the public are reminded by the Gardai and the RSA to avoid unnecessary travel and to take public transport where possible. Safety advice for road users during severe weather is available from the RSA directly at . Latest advice on traffic is available from AA Roadwatch or through

Decisions in relation to school opening/closings are a matter for local school management who are empowered to make decisions based on local circumstances. The Department of Education and Skills encourages schools to co-ordinate with each other regarding openings/closures. The response group will receive daily reports from all agencies and Departments on the evolving situation regarding the severe weather. 

3.26PM - Mr.hotspots sent in these images of Greystones

3.11PM - Cold weather to continue until December 9/10 at least, based on our reading of  the latest long range weather models
(c) Meteociel

3.05PM - Chart showing most likely spread of tomorrow's snowfall

2.40PM - Ireland under snow, a view from space

2.34PM - Watch your step

2.33PM - RE: EAST COAST SNOW - Predictions of 15-20cm across all of the east are incorrect. Higher end of accumulations will be seen on higher ground only. Average at lower levels will be 5-10cm

2.22PM - Snow Showers in next 15 mins for: Leixlip, Tallaght, Celbridge, Greystones, Kells, Athboy. Stephen sent this image from Blanchardstown, via twitter

2.11PM - Icy road conditions in Galway City; on the Coast Rd at the Dublin Rd jct.
2.06PM - Emmett O'Malley sent us these images from Louisburgh, Co Mayo
2.01PM - Snowing on Navan Rd, Blanchardstown, Finglas

1.54PM - Useful tool for determining where and when snow will fall along the east coast and elsewhere. Click on Nedbor

1.33PM - WEATHER ALERT Heavy Snow

Blizzard conditions are being forecast for parts of the east tomorrow and tomorrow night. Between 2-7 inches of snow, is expected to fall in counties Louth, Dublin and Wicklow while heavy snow showers also will push inland, as far as the Midlands.

iWeather Online forecaster Peter O’Donnell said tomorrow could bring a ‘peak snow day’ for the eastern half of the country. “Tomorrow will be cloudy with some sunny intervals.  However, stronger winds developing with  highs generally -4 to 0 C.  There is a risk of some heavier snow streamers for eastern counties spreading at times well inland, in ENE winds of 20-35 mph. This may be the "peak snow day" in general terms because of the wind, depth of cold air coming in, and so it's possible that some areas will start to see close to storm or blizzard conditions. Amounts will no doubt be highly variable but we may be looking at 5-15 cms in some parts.

“Tuesday night and Wednesday will continue very cold and if it clears at all on Tuesday night, lows could fall to -11 C over snow fields and -6 C or lower in general. However, it may stay rather cloudy for many areas with continuing snow flurries or squalls. Wednesday will continue very cold with some sunshine developing and fewer snow streamers as winds fall off somewhat to NE 10-25 mph”, added Mr. O’Donnell.

Met Eireann has also issued a severe weather alert.  It is predicting heavy snowfalls expected tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night in east Leinster with accumulations of 5-10cm of snow in inland locations and 10-20cm in Counties Louth and Dublin and 15-25cm in County Wicklow.  Met Eireann says the  exceptionally cold weather will continue through the week. Night-time temperatures will drop as low as -10C (or lower) and daytime maxima of zero to 4 degrees C. Further snow showers will occur with a high risk of significant accumulations in the east.  There will be freezing fog also.

Meanwhile, parts of the west of Ireland and Ulster could see a band of heavy snow on Wednesday as a frontal system approaches the country from the northwest. More on this as we get it.

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1.15PM - Anyone wondering about the hailstone-like precipitation, it's called Graupel. Graupel (also called small hail, soft hail, or snow pellets) refers to precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water condense on a snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm ball of rime; the snowflake acts as a nucleus of condensation in this process.
12.46PM - The N59/Galway/Mayo Rd is closed in Moycullen from Busy Park Church to Kelehan's Pub until further notice following a serious crash. Take an alternative route. aa roadwatch
12.44PM - Snowing in Balrothery Nth County Dublin
12.33PM - Weather Advisory from Met Eireann
Heavy snowfalls expected tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night in east Leinster with accumulations of 5-10cm of snow in inland locations and 10-20cm in Counties Louth and Dublin and 15-25cm in County Wicklow. This exceptionally cold weather will continue through the week. Night-time temperatures will drop as low as -10C (or lower) and daytime maxima of zero to 4 degrees C. Further snow showers will occur with a high risk of significant accumulations in the east. Freezing fog also.
12.32PM - Parts of Leinster will see close to storm or blizzard conditions tomorrow Amounts will vary between 5-15 cms in some parts.

12.13PM - Following heavy snow in west Cork, AA Roadwatch reports: Icy conditions remain on the Belgooly/Kinsale Rd (R600) which is treacherous and the Halfway/Kinsale Rd (R607) is very dangerous due to compacted snow. Conditions are extremely treacherous around West Cork in particular and there are no Bus Eireann services operating in that area. Roads are treacherous around Bandon, Clonakility and Bantry. At Macroom, stick to the N22 where possible, secondary routes are bad.
11.57AM - Map of roads being salted by Kerry County Council

11.54AM - Defence Forces Providing Manpower & Mobility for Harold's Cross Hospice & Balbriggan Meals on Wheels to reach isolated people
11.53AM - Just issued from Wexford CoCo : Heavy snowfalls expected tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night in east Leinster with accumulations of 5-10cm.

11.50AM - Satellite view of Ireland and the UK

11.40AM - Snow radar for East coast at 11.15am

11.36AM - EUMETSAT image of western Europe
11.35AM - Tomberna sent this pic of an icy looking cherry tree
11.30AM - Pictures by Brian Dunphy of Fairview, Dublin, and Dublin Airport

11.06AM - Snow event in western counties on Wednesday remains on track. Image from

11.00AM - 1100 Connolly to Belfast will depart 30 minutes late, replacing locomotive

10.53AM - Snow falling in Inishowen Peninsula

10.52AM - Snow on the way to Drogheda, Dundalk, Ardee, north Dublin. May push inland to Kells and Navan.  Arrival circa 11.15-30
10.45AM  - Michael sent in this picture from the R600 near Kinsale this morning

10.41AM - Hillwalking yesterday at a location overlooking Derrynane Bay, Waterville Bay, West Cork, Scarrif and Deenish, The Skelligs and other nearby islands.

10.36AM - Snow showers moving towards Co Louth. Heavy snow reported across parts of Down. Heavy snow falling in west Cork

10.29PM  - Winter Wonderland in west Clare at dawn

10.22AM - Tom Britton emailed us with this image: Looking east from overhead Tullaroan, Co. Kilkenny, Kilkenny City at the midpoint, Johnswell Hills just behind and Mount Leinster further East. Freezing fog beginning to form

10.17AM - This year the NRA has sourced 80,000 tonnes of salt supplies for use as required on the road network in the event of prolonged severe weather.  (To put this in context, the total average salt use over a complete winter is on average 60,000 tonnes.)  Local authorities are already treating roads during this cold period and they are prioritising critical access routes to the main national road network.
10.13AM - The RSA has issued a series of useful leaflets for road users during wintry weather including ‘Advice for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in snow and icy conditions’, ‘Top 10 Tips for driving in Winter Weather’ and ‘Severe Weather Advice for Road Users’.  These leaflets are all available to download from the RSA website
10.10AM - 5-day forecast for your local area, NEW to iWeather Online. Click HERE
10.06AM - The N15/Donegal/Ballybofey Rd has been gritted but care is still required at Barnesmore Gap where roads are very icy.
10.01AM - Listen in to hear how the air traffic control tower at Dublin Airport is handling the icy conditions
10.00AM - Video of Dublin yesterday

9.58AM - Flights are operating normally this morning at Shannon, Cork and Dublin airports.
9.01AM - More snow is forecast for Dublin tomorrow with accumulations  of between 5-15cm in some places. iWeather Online forecaster Peter O’Donnell said tomorrow could bring a ‘peak snow day’ for the eastern half of the country.
8.15AM - AA Roadwatch is advising motorists to drive with extreme caution today.  Around the country road conditions on the M1 Dublin/Belfast Rd are treacherous, the Sally Gap & Wicklow Gap are impassable, the Conor Pass in Kerry remains impassable, and snow and  ice have been reported along the N5/Dublin Rd at Westport.  See AA Roadwatch for more.
7.41AM - Overnight snowfall in west Cork and south Kerry has caused travel disruption. Conditions are extremely treacherous around West Cork in particular and there are no Bus Eireann services operating in that area. Roads are treacherous around Bandon, Clonakility and Bantry.  Secondary routes are described as bad and motorists are advised to stick to the N22. The N71 is very bad between Bantry and Ballydehob.
7AM -Mercury levels plummeted to minus 12.7c in parts of Carlow last night where temperatures remained just below minus 11c at 9am.  Temperatures in the capital dipped to minus 7c. Elsewhere, road temperatures as low as -9.4°C on the N81 at Baltinglass, -8.2°C on the N24 at Clonmel Relief Rd and -7.6°C at Pallas Green.  Air temperatures are even lower reaching -10.8°C on the N11 Arklow Bypass.