LIVE BLOG Cold Spell 28 Nov 2010

11.46PM - Last post of the day.  The Irish Weather Online forecast will be online before 9am tomorrow. Night all!

11.38PM - Light snow in Cobh and Cork City

11.35PM - Latest satellite image of western Europe
11.27PM - Freezing fog on the N18 between Limerick and Shannon. Use fog lights in the affected areas.
11.16PM - WEATHER ALERT: south and west Cork and south Kerry.  3-6cm lying snow likely between now and 4am

11.06PM - Shot of Western Europe from space (red/blues = stratosphere temps). Image from EUMETSAT
11.00PM - Snowing in Monaghan and parts of north Cavan

10.58PM - Great to see we were trending briefly in Ireland on Twitter alongside IMF, Cowen and Wagner!

10.56PM - Latest snowfall radar. Most precipitation is moving NNW or NW.
10.48PM - Snowing in Donabate and Malahide, pushing west but lighter as it does so. Pic from Donabate from Niall via Twitter

10.42PM - PS Eircom sent this image of Killiney Hill today
10.36PM - Anyone wondering about the hailstone-like precipitation, it's called Graupel. Graupel (also called small hail, soft hail, or snow pellets) refers to precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water condense on a snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm ball of rime; the snowflake acts as a nucleus of condensation in this process.
10.27PM - Snow falling in parts of south Cork. Rumble of thunder near Cork harbour. Snow will most likely impact on parts of East Cork and South Kerry but the city will get a dusting.
10.20PM - 24 hrs out the HIRLAM model is an excellent indicator of where it is going to snow. Click on Nedbor from this link

10.11PM - West coast will see snow on Wednesday, Image from
10.07PM - Cork Update: Snowing in Ballycotton and Kinsale.  Cork City now in firing line although worst of the snow will hit e cork and s kerry. 2-5cm likely

10.01PM - Still snowing in Dundalk. Up to 10cm being reported.

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9.56PM - Snowing across various parts of Dublin now.  Light snow in Monkstown, Blackrock and Sandyford. DUBLIN AIRPORT CONTROL TOWER "weather on approach dublin airport -15min"

9.42PM - WEATHER ALERT: Snow pushing NW towards Cork coast and will reach City before midnight.

9.35PM - Snowing in Bray. Despite being at sea level, Bray has seen snowfall for the three consecutive days

9.25PM - Tony sent in these snow pics from Donegal this afternoon
9.19PM - Keep an eye on the precipitation radar for snow potential in your area. Lamp post watchers in Dublin can expect some flurries in and around 10.15pm

9.12PM - iWeather Online synoptics analyst Fergal Tierney writes: "What looked promising for snow lovers in eastern Leinster this afternoon has turned into a big dissapointment, with the snow well to the north through Louth, Monaghan and southern Northern Ireland. With the circulation centred in the north Irish Sea, airflow on its southwestern flank was from a westerly quadrant. This was fine earlier in the day when the centre was well out to sea, but as it came closer to the coast, this westerly inflow off the freezing landscape cut off the supply of warm moist air it had been feeding off earlier. Further north, where the flow was easterly, showers were allowed to continue to develop, and they have brought a snowy evening to the afformentioned areas.  The east dodged this particular bullet, but there are plenty more left in the magazine for the coming days!"
9.08PM - Roy Burns emailed us this aerial view of Belfast in the snow
9.07PM - Mick Hanney emailed us this pic of Aughrim, Co Wicklow today
9.04PM - Latest radar view from sat24
8.59PM - Latest on Cork and Kerry snow: A system is moving its way NW and is located just off the SE Cork coast.  It will track NW before retreating SW overnight.

8.55PM - Snow falling in Greystones

8.43PM - Temperatures have dropped as low as, -7.0°C on the N11 Arklow Bypass, -6.8°C on the N11 Enniscorthy, -10.2°C on the N81 Baltinglass and -7.6°C on the N7 Newbridge Bypass
8.35PM - Another projected precipitation chart, this time for 9.50pm
8.29PM - Heavy snow in parts of Wexford and Wicklow has resulted in the closure of schools in Arklow and Gorey tomorrow. Parents in these areas should still make contact with their local school for the latest update.
8.27PM - Projected precipitation radar for 10.45pm. This is a projection only.  Image from
8.18PM - Snow inching towards Dublin from the SE
8.17PM - Who needs the IMF when you have snow! Solves most fiscal crises. Can't get out to spend the dosh

8.12PM - Snow now falling in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

8.08PM - John sent in this artistic effort at a snowman/dog from Dundalk, where up to two inches of snow has fallen this evening
8.04PM - The weather forum at breaks a new record for visitors online at any one time - 666. Click to enlarge
7.59PM - Temperature drops to -9.7C in Ballybrittas

7.39PM - Heavy snow continuing in parts of Wicklow. Showers bearing down on the capital
7.33PM - Freezing fog, minus 4c at Shannon

7.26PM - Mayo Today headline (Mayo in grip of coldest November on record)

6.58PM - Images just in from Dundalk, Co Louth. Thanks to MayoExile.

6.49PM - Thunder and lightning, and snowing in Arklow, Wicklow

6.17PM - Spare a thought for those out at sea in those temps tonight. Watch live marine traffic here

6.11PM - Latest satellite image from

6.07PM - Snow falling in parts of east Cork

5.50PM - Dense fog on the M7 between Kildare and Newbridge and around the towns.
5.16PM - Satellite view of western Europe from EUMETSAT
5.15PM - The coldest stretches of road around the country so far include the -5.2°C on the M7 Newbridge Bypass, -6.8°C on the N81 at Baltinglass
5.13PM - Satellite animation for western Europe. HERE

5.09PM - Discover what altitude you are living at HERE

5.04PM - Watch the snow push NW towards Cork and Kerry HERE

5.01PM - Excellent weather station data from around Ireland. Visit Irish Weather Network

4.57PM - Freezing fog is having a major impact on visibility on the M7 through Co. Kildare and on the N18 between Limerick and Shannon, according to AA Roadwatch
4.45PM - Met Eireann receives reports of snow from all over Ireland :)

4.41PM - For those in the Midwest feeling left out, Wednesday is looking up! Image from
4.33PM - Irish Rail: Full services continue to operate across the network full services also expected to run tomorrow Mon 29th November

4.29PM - Edel McNamara sent these images from Finglas of cloud building up out to sea.
4.27PM - Latest snow radar
4.23PM - Heavy snow in Dundalk

4.17PM - As IWO predicted last Thursday, Ireland will experience a countrywide snow event next Wednesday as a frontal system crosses the country from the northwest. This will deliver snow to areas that have yet to see any snow falling during this cold spell, namely the Midwest.  More on this over the coming hours and days.

4.15PM - For anyone interested in how the air traffic control tower at Dublin is handling the ice, listen in here

4.03PM - Road Reports from AA Roadwatch: SLIGO - Treacherous on the N4 at Collooney. * Very slippery in Grange & Ballymote
3.56PM - System off south coast winding up to give Cork and Kerry some significant snowfall overnight. Below images from netweather gfs

3.52PM - Air temperatures remain below zero in most areas, as low as -5.9°C on the N11 Arklow Bypass and -4.8°C on the N15 at Kilygordon.
3.46PM - Snow now falling in Dundalk, Co Louth. Pic by Mayo Exile
3.39PM - Snow videos from around Ireland
Northern Ireland
3.34PM - View from Howth summit back towards Dublin. Pic by Brian Dillon
3.28PM: Fergal Tierney writes: Here's a nice MODIS image of today's convection off the east coast, taken at 1220UTC. The high updraft speeds withing the Cbs can be seen in the overshooting tops in the cirrus anvil, where the updraft's kinetic energy takes it into the stratosphere. I would estimate updraft speeds within these clouds to be in the order of 50mph. Also nicely visible is extent of snow cover throughout the country.
3.10PM - Latest Satellite View of Ireland. Snow expected on east coast by dusk.  Heavy snow will sweep over Cork and Kerry this evening and overnight.
3.08PM - ROADS UPDATE: Extremely icy on the N25 between Waterford and Newross.  Extremely icy on the N17 Galway/Sligo Rd between Tubbercurry and Tuam.
3.04PM - Harps sent in these pics this afternoon of Letterkenny, Co Donegal
2.55PM - Galway girl slips up with her renition of Lady Gaga during last night's (27 Nov 2010)  snow in Galway City

2.14PM - Evelyn Cusack's parting words on Farming Forecast ""Freezing artic conditions persisting over the country so do enj .... take care if you're out and about"
2.10PM - Snow clouds south of Waterford will push NW over east Waterford, Cork and Kerry this evening and overnight before retreating SW.  Cloud off east coast will tract WSW this afternoon and evening.  Snow over Donegal will track SW
2.00PM - Radar image of snow off east coast
1.59PM - Met Eireann confirms lowest ever November temp in Ireland was recorded last night (-9.1C in Casement). Beats -7.2C in 1952.

1.56PM - Heavy snow falling in north and west donegal

1.28PM - Snow due to push into east Waterford, Cork and Kerry in the next 2-3 hrs. MORE

1.24PM - UPDATE RE: Snow on east coast.

iWeather Online's synoptics writer Fergal Tierney reports from Dublin: "It would seem that the earlier explosive convection off the east coast has stabilised now and there does not seem to be much more developement that would suggest a Polar Low. The circulation centre has crossed the Isle of Mann and is now slowly moving westwards through the north Irish Sea. The deepest convection is on its western side, which is probably a result of the interaction of the Isle of Mann with the eastern part of the low, plus slightly warmer sea surface temperatures.

The HiRLAM model forecasts this low to reach a minimum pressure of 1005hPa as it nears the north Leinster coast in the next hour, bringing heavy but not spectacular precipitation rates to Louth, Meath Dublin, Kildare and north Wicklow. It will be interesting to monitor any changes in the actual evolution of the low past this time, as the HiRLAM forecasts it slowly filling towards evening.

I took this image of the impressive Cb Incus associated with the deep convection off the east coast."

1.18PM - Fiona Gavin sent in these images from Galway City
1.14PM Deirdre Kelleghan: "Last Quarter Moon over my garden in Bray, Co Wicklow".
 1.08PM - Pictures from the Sally Gap in Wicklow. The Sally Gap remains impassable to traffic. Pics sent in by Kippure.
12.59pm - Snow falling in Skerries, Dublin
12.57PM - GALWAY traffic: Extremely icy on the Coast Rd at the Dublin Rd jct in Galway City & care is needed on secondary routes in Galway City.
12.54PM - Edith Heffernan emailed these images of Clontarf, Dublin, today
12.46PM - AA Roadwatch reports: In Wicklow, icy on the N11 Wexford/Dublin Rd at Ashford & Glen of the Downs. • The Sally & Wicklow Gaps - impassable. • Very icy in Wicklow town and also throughout Arklow. Treacherous conditions also reported through Rathdrum.
12.33PM - Excellent satellite animation illustrating the system heading towards the east coast HERE

12.28PM - System winding up in Irish Sea. East coast should be prepared for heavy snow.  An orange rugby ball may also be required! MORE
12.20PM - WEATHER ALERT: Heavy snow for East coast this afternoon and evening. Accumulations of 3-8cm.
12.14PM - Low system developing off east coast. From (10.30am-11.45pm)

12.06PM - Latest image from METEOSAT
12.08AM - Extreme care needed on all routes throughout Co. Kerry and on secondary routes in Co. Clare.  Freezing fog lingering in many areas
12.00PM - iWeather Online;'s Fergal Tierney writes: Polar Low forming in the Irish Sea????!!!! Explosive development has taken place in the last hour or two, and latent heat release could warm the core enough to make it one by the time it reached the east coast. Could bring blizzard conditions to a lot of northern Leinster this afternoon. More to follow!
11.57AM - AA Roadwatch reports that the  N15/Donegal/Ballybofey Rd is impassable at Barnesmore Gap due to treacherous road conditions. In Connaught, extremely icy on the N17 Galway/Sligo Rd between Ballinacarrow & Tobercurry. * Very slippery conditions in Grange & Ballymote. Compacted snow & ice on secondary routes in Navan, Co. Meath. • The Rathkenny/Ladyrath Rd is closed due to a jack-knifed truck. • Ice on the Ashbourne/Fleenstown Little Rd (R135) & Ratoath/Swords Rd (R125). MORE
11.55AM - CionĂ¡d emailed us these pictures of Drumcondra, Dublin

11.51AM - Irish Rail: All routes operating across Intercity, DART & Commuter
11.48AM - Britain Shivers In 'Ridiculous' Conditions: Sky News reports that freezing temperatures have reached record-breaking lows as the "extraordinary cold snap" continues to grip the whole of Britain. The coldest place last night was Llysdinam near Llandrindod Wells in Wales, where the mercury plunged to -17.3C. It was Wales' lowest ever temperature for November and the UK's chilliest for the month since 1985. With much of the UK blanketed in snow, other record-breaking lows for the month were recorded at Loch Glascarnoch in Scotland -15.3C, Sennybridge in Wales -14.3C and in Shawbury in Shropshire -12.5C. Forecaster Michael Dukes said: "You are seeing some ridiculously low temperatures - it has been a bit like it is in the middle of Scandinavia."
The parish church of St Andrew Guernsey. Pic by Chris.
11.46AM - Ireland under snow. A view from space by
11.40AM - Snow showers to affect East coast and move inland within the next 2hrs. Snow also on the way to SW later today. Keep an eye on satellite HERE or the raintoday radar HERE.
11.35AM - NOAA FORECAST TO MID DECEMBER 500MB. Damien Kelly writes: Not looking like much of a breakdown looking at this chart.We'll have to see if it comes to fruit. While it might not be as cold at times,overall there's no significantly milder weather on the horizon.
click on image for a larger view
 11.27AM - 'Berry Cold', Coolaney, Co Sligo. Pic by Val Robus

11.24AM - Live video feeds of snow in Dublin HERE

11.18AM - In Cork, very icy conditions in Youghal, particularly on secondary routes and higher ground. Avoid Lighthouse Hill and Cork Hil
11.01AM - Ian Carruthers from Finglas in Dublin sent in these images this morning
10.53 - In Offaly, the Kinnitty/Mounthrath Road (R440), Slieve Bloom Mountain Rd, is now impassable.
10.50AM - WEATHER ADVISORY  for Kerry and Cork: Confidence is high that some disruptive snowfall will affect these counties tonight. All models indicate that snow will sweep NW over Waterford/Cork border before tracking SW.  It could dump quite a bit of snow in the south/southwest overnight.

10.31AM - iWeather Online's Fergal Tierney uses synoptics to analyse yesterday's snowfall.  Click HERE to read.
10.06AM - IRFU confirms today's rugby international between Ireland and Argentina will go ahead

10.01AM - There will be some heavy snow showers in Cork and Kerry later this evening and tonight. Accumulations of between 2-5cm are likely.  Waterford City also should see some snow as a result of this decayed low pressure system.
HIRLAM model from
9.55AM - In Kildare there is a crash on the N78 Athy/Kilcullen Rd at Kilrush- conditions are treacherous
9.52AM - Pics of Graignamanagh, co. Kilkenny by Susan Suz

9.46AM - The below animated graph shows the upper air (850hPAs) over Ireland for the next 72hrs. As you can see there will be no improvement in temperatures during this period.

9.41AM - Message from Irish Rail: All routes operating fully today following overnight snow. Please allow extra time to get to your station due to road/footpath conditions.

9.27AM - Freezing fog. Looking towards east Galway from Lnockdoe Hill. Pic by Peter Gallagher
9.13AM - According to iWeather Online long range forecaster Peter O’Donnell: “Today will be very cold with outbreaks of snow developing across eastern counties during the morning. There will be scattered flurries further west and north but some sunny breaks here too.  The snow may become heavy at times, and will move across Ireland in a sporadic fashion with some places getting 3-6 cms, others much less. Winds will not be too strong today and will be variable in direction, although a northeast trend will develop later. Highs could be as low as -2 C in some parts, and no higher than +2 C for most.”
He added: “Tonight will be very cold with some clear areas dropping to -8 C or lower.  There will be freezing fog and icy roads while snow will continue along the east coast and later moving inland.  The earlier snow will die out towards the west coast.”
Peter O’Donnell’s long range forecast can be found HERE
8.08AM - Road conditions are not expected to improve throughout the day while a number of main routes have been affected.  The N15/Donegal/Ballybofey Rd is impassable at Barnesmore Gap due to treacherous road conditions while the Sally Gap and the Wicklow Gap are impassable. Meanwhile, freezing fog is hampering visibility in parts of Kildare. See MORE from AA Roadwatch. 
8.01AM - Parts of the East and north West saw further heavy snowfall last night leading to treacherous driving conditions. Gardai are warning motorists to that ice and snow are causing hazarddous road conditions nationwide.  The worst affected areas are Dublin, Wicklow, Sligo, Mayo, Kildare, Waterford City and most parts of Ulster. Up to 5cm of snow fell in some places last night with the capital experiencing one of its most significant snowfalls since 2001. Air temperatures dropped to minus 8-9C in inland places last night. At 8am, temperatures were stuck at -7c at Dublin Airport and Casement.