LIVE BLOG Cold Spell 27 November 2010

    11.59PM - Final update of the day: *SEVERE WEATHER WARNING* The bitterly cold weather will continue until at least Saturday 4th December, with sharp or severe frosts, icy roads and freezing fog at times making road conditions treacherous nationwide. Further snowfall will occur with eastern, northern and northwestern parts of the country most at risk. Our next update will be Peter O'Donnell's long range forecast tomorrow morning.  Keep an eye on satellite HERE or the raintoday radar HERE. Good night! 

    11.51PM - If you live in Dublin and you love snow, then look out your window. Snow now falling in Ringsend, Skerries, Malahide, Sandymount, Fairview and Balrothery.

    11.49PM - Cork City still in line to see its first snow of the winter tomorrow night, according to the latest HIRLAM

    11.41PM - Anyone in Dublin wondering about the hailstone-like precipitation, it's called Graupel. Graupel (also called small hail, soft hail, or snow pellets) refers to precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water condense on a snowflake, forming a 2–5 mm ball of rime; the snowflake acts as a nucleus of condensation in this process.
    11.33PM - Light snow falling in Rathdowney Co. Laois and throughout Donegal and parts of north Mayo. Snow also reported in Greystones, Co Wicklow. Track the progress of the snow HERE
    11.30PM - 24 hrs since the first snowflakes landed on the east coast, further heavy snow is being reported in parts of Dublin and Wicklow. It is presently snowing in Malahide.  Meanwhile, Gavin Moloney sent this pic in from Terenure

    11.26PM - Weather Alert: Snow will affect eastern coastal counties over the next 3hrs.  Accumulations averaging 3-6cm likely

    11.23PM - Some heavy snow pushing southwest through Donegal with additional showers tracking towards North Mayo and Sligo. See the UKMO radar HERE

    11.15PM - Snow due to hit Dublin and Wicklow in the next 15-20 mins. Further accumulations likely

    11.12PM - In Co Mayo, snow and ice in Westport, Castlebar, along the N5/Dublin Rd at Swinford & through Claremorris.  In Donegal, the N15/Donegal/Ballybofey Rd is impassable at Barnesmore Gap due to treacherous road conditions.
    11.08PM - Latest weather model outputs upgrade the longevity of the current cold spell into next weekend at least

    10.36PM - Snow continuing in parts of Co Kerry with between 1-2 inches recorded this evening.  Meanwhile, this satellite animation excellently illustrates what has been happening in the skies over Ireland since yesterday evening.

    10.17PM - Heavy snow showers assoicated with a decaying low pressure system will affect Cork, Kerry and East Waterford tomorrow night according to the latest GEFS weather model run.  More widespread snow is likely midweek as we have been indicating since Thursday.
    9.49PM - A reminder of how not scrape the ice from your car
    9.31PM - Snow falling in Newport, Co Tipperary.  Blanket of snow in Tralee, Co Kerry
    9.21PM - Satellite view of  western Europe from eumetsat

    9.07PM - Snow in Inchicore, Dublin. By Andy Riweg
    8.56PM - 9 cm of snow recorded at Cloghan, central Donegal
    8.44PM - Heavy snow in north Leitrim, about 2 inches so far.

    8.29PM - Snow falling in Tralee and near Kerry Airport
    8.19PM - Peter Gallagher sent us this picture, looking towards East Galway from Knockdoe Hill this afternoon.

    8.09PM - iWeather Online's Fergal Tierney writes: Met √Čireann's Aviation chart for midnight shows two areas of distinct weather - the first covers the western half of the country from Derry-Limerick, and Co Kerry and west Cork - the other is the rest of the country.  For the first area the forecast occasional moderate showers of sleet, graupel and snow, with localised thunderstorms. For the other area it's isolated (occasional on the Irish Sea) light sleet and snow showers.

    The 5pm TAFs give medium chances of snow (see areas in red for wind and weather).
    PROB30 = slight chance
    PROB40 = medium chance

    EIDW 271700Z 2718/2818 33008KT 9999 SCT020 PROB40 TEMPO 2722/2818 4000 -SHSN BKN008 BKN018CB BECMG 2720/2723 VRB03KT BECMG 2801/2804 03006KT
    EINN 271700Z 2718/2818 33005KT 9999 SCT020 SCT030 PROB30 TEMPO 2719/2802 3000 -SN BKN005 BKN018CB BECMG 2802/2805 02008KT
    EICK 271700Z 2718/2818 36008KT 9999 SCT020 SCT025 BECMG 2720/2723 VRB03KT PROB30 TEMPO 2806/2812 3000 -SHSN BKN004 BKN017CB
    Connaught Airport
    EIKN 271700Z 2718/2818 30007KT 5000 BR BKN004 TEMPO 2718/2723 1200 -SHSN SHSN BKN002 BKN015CB TEMPO 2723/2809 0500 FG OVC001 BECMG 2808/2810 05007KT 9999 SCT020

    For the Regional Airports, only Sligo has a forecast of moderate snow showers from 8-11pm tonight.

    This freely available image from the Jersey Met Office will update automatically.

    7.25PM - Long Range Weather Outlook For Ireland by iWeather Online's Peter O'Donnell: The low over the northeast coast of England is drifting west under an upper low and should begin to track more WSW after midnight, but I expect this feature to lose definition over England before trying to redevelop well after midnight over the Irish Sea. This means that any snow before late morning in eastern counties would have to come from unrelated streamers developing over the Irish Sea. This may happen but with such a slack wind gradient and cold temperatures inland due to earlier snow cover, meso-scale winds around Dublin are likely to remain W-NW with the streamers being forced more south towards Wicklow (again). However some other weak snow flurries could develop further north and move inland anywhere along the east coast.

    Would expect then a few areas of snow to develop later tonight but more likely to be in Wicklow (as well as much further west). Inland temperatures could fall as low as -8 to -10 C over snow cover. By late morning and through mid-day Sunday, areas of snow may develop in response to the upper low drifting west across Ireland. With any luck (if you're a snow lover and if not, sorry) some of this snow may become moderately heavy in places -- there would be potential for 5-8 cms in some areas.

    Looking further ahead, nothing but east winds and at times a bit of a southeast component that may get even places like Cork into the action, but favouring Meath-Dublin-Wicklow region in general. There is really no reliable sign of a warmup at all, the models are behaving as they normally do in a prolonged cold spell. There is such a deep supply of cold air in the European arctic and in central Siberia that as long as the Atlantic sector does not undergo a total reversal of form, I believe the pattern will remain cold with just the odd near-normal respite from a weak system dropping south and turning the winds more NW'ly.
    7.07PM - Snow shower moving south towards Galway City.  Lampost gazers should expect snowflakes by 7.20-7.30pm.
    7.05PM - Tom Clifford emailed us with this pic of West Clare just before nightfall.  Clare, like much of west Munster, has not yet experienced any significant snowfall this weekend.  Temperatures are set to dip to -3 to -5c here tonight.

    7.00PM - Deaglan sent in this image of Monaghan town tonight

    6.55PM - Wondering if you are going to see any snow this evening? Click here to view the precip radar

    6.52PM - Snow reported between Clonee and Dunshaughlin in Co Meath. Black ice at Baymore Cross in Duleek. Snow also falling and settling in Celbridge, Co Kildare.
    6.40PM - Latest infrared satellite view of Ireland from

    6.36PM - Snow falling in Lucan, Co Dublin and Castlebar, Co Mayo
    6.30PM - Snow falling in Maynooth, Co Kildare
    6.26PM - Gardai are dealing with a collision on the N17 Galway/Sligo Rd at Tobercurry, where there heavy delays both ways between Tobercurry & the N4 Rathrippon jct.  Elsewhere AA Roadwatch reports that the  Donore Rd at Rathmullan, Co Meath, is impassable due to black ice.
    6.17PM - Snow in Sligo. Pic by Mikey. Second pic of snow in north Kildare tonight.

    6.14PM - Snow falling in Monaghan Town and making its way towards midlands.
    5.49PM - Wilton, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford images sent in by James Murphy
    5.36PM - Snow reported in various parts of Kildarte and Meath

    5.19PM - Snowing in Navan, County Meath

    5.10PM - A low system will develop off the south coast tomorrow afternoon and bring snow to south Wexford, Waterford, Cork and Kerry later tomorrow evening and night. The HIRLAM models illustrates where the snow is likely to fall. Don't forget to click on Nedbor.
    5.03PM - Snow falling in north Kildare. Heavy snow also continuing to fall in Sligo and parts of Roscommon

    4.57PM - The Sally Gap and the Wicklow Gap remain impassable. The M9 remains closed northbound between Waterford and Mullinavat.
    4.51PM - Streamers (line of showers) developing off the East coast. Snow showers on the way to the eastern coastal counties. Watch the showers develop HERE
    4.33PM - Powerscourt, Dublin images sent in by Brian Dunphy
    4.28PM - Tentative signs that the severe cold may ease by Friday of next week as an Atlantic system attempts to sweep northeast across Ireland.  In such an event, precipitation would start off as snow before turning back to sleet and eventually rain. However, the medium to long range weather models suggest that any breakdown will be short-lived and that temperatures will remain well below average for the time of year.  

    The most likely scenario is that the present E-NE patter will be replaced by a N-NW flow by next weekend.   A crucial factor in determining if the cold spell is to continue will be the positioning and  scale of high pressure systems to our NW, N and/or NE.  A blocking high over Greenland looks like remaining rooted there but the slight eastward tracking of highs over Scandinavia and southern Russia could allow milder Atlantic systems to track towards and perhaps over Ireland, therefore delivering a return to 'normal' conditions.  Either way, the prospect of an Atlantic system meeting this cold pool of air will bring with it significant potential for widespread, heavy snow in Ireland. More on this as the models roll out.

    Looking at the weather prospects 6-7 days out is referred to by weather enthusiasts as FI (Fantasy Island) territory so any model presentations for this period should be treated with a grain a salt (and grit).

    4.15PM - Waterford recorded it's most significant snowfall since 1987 today.  Snow starting to freeze over in the City and County now as temperatures drop below freezing. Check out our Weather Station section for live weather data from your area.

    4.13PM - AA Roadwatch reporting that the M9 is closed northbound between Waterford and Mullinavat. The old N9(R448) is also partially blocked between Waterford to Mullinavat just 2km south of Mullinavat. Gardai are urging motorists to avoid any unnecessary journeys due to very icy conditions in the area.
    4.05PM - Snow now falling in Sligo Town

    3.58PM - Indications from the GEFS weather model that Kerry and Cork may be in line for some heavy snow showers late tomorrow evening.

    3.55PM - Roger emailed with this pic of Naas, Co Kildare this afternoon.

    3.52PM - The view from Coolaney, Co Sligo. Pic Val Robus
    3.47PM - Dominic Horan emailed with these pics of Carrick Mountain,  located in the eastern foothills of the Wicklow Mountains, this afternoon.

    3.31PM - Black ice reported  at Baymore Cross in Duleek, Co Meath. The Camolin/Ferns Rd in Co Wexford is particularily treacherous and should be avoided. Icy conditions reported along the Ballybay to Carrickmacross Rd (R180) and around Monaghan town and Newbliss. MORE
    3.25PM - Snow falling again in Ballybofey, Co Donegal as a band of showers moves in to the NW and West. Tony Brogan sent in these pics of Ballybofey this afternoon.

    3.42PM - Very icy on the N78 Athy/Kilcullen Rd at Kilmead and around Ballymore Eustace, Hollywood and Brannockstown, Co Kildare. The M9 Waterford/Kilkenny Rd has reopened northbound between Waterford and Mullinavat but conditions are still very icy. MORE
    3.11PM - Snow showers will affect eastern coastal counties from around 6-7pm this evening through to dawn.  Organised band of snow will sweep west across Ulster and the NW this evening and overnight giving accumulations of 3-8cm. Showers will spread south across Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, Mayo, Galway, Clare and north Kerry this evening. Some indications that the Midlands may also experience its first snowfall in the early hours of the morning and again tomorrow afternoon. The HIRLAM models illustrates where the snow is likely to fall. Don't forget to click on Nedbor.
    neige = snow. (c) Meteociel
    2.54PM - Flight operations at Dublin airport are now operating normally following the closure of the main runway from early morning due to snow and ice
    2.52PM - Icy road conditions around Manorhamilton; especially on the Manorhamilton/Kinlough Rd (R280)
    2.51PM - ITN reports that the cold weather will continue until at least the end of next week
    3.06PM - Snow Update: Snow showers will affect eastern coastal counties early tonight into tomorrow morning. A more organised band of snow will track west across Ulster and the Northwest giving further accumulations of 3-8cm. Snow showers will sweep down through Counties Clare, Galway, Mayo and Sligo later this evening. View the precipitation chart from the HIRLAM model. Don't forget to click on Nedbor.
    2.48PM - Very icy road conditions around Co. Wexford; in particular around Gorey and New Ross, Bunclody. The Camolin/Ferns Rd is particularily treacherous and should be avoided, according to AA Roadwatch.
    2.47PM - The Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue and Dublin/Wicklow teams helped transport a heavily pregnant woman from her Co Wicklow home to hospital overnight. MORE
    2.39PM - In Co Kerry, AA Roadwatch and Gardai are warning of icy road conditions around Tralee Town and the Conor Pass is impassable. Motorists are advised to take extra care on the Castlemaine/Annascaul Rd (R561) and on the N86 from Annascaul to Camp. Also very icy around Kenmare, Listowel, Ardfert.
    2.37PM - More snow videos from around Ireland:

    2.30PM - The Leinster Club Hurling Final tomorrow has been postponed due to the snow

    2.28PM - DaithiDublin said: This was taken in the early hours of Saturday morning 27th November, 2010. It had started to snow earlier in the evening, when the thunder and lightning show started I set a camera up facing towards Bray Head. I filmed for a few hours but the best shot happened after only 4 or 5 minutes. This looks like a direct strike on Bray Head, but I can't be sure.
    2.26PM - According to AA Roadwatch, particular care is needed on the N80 Portlaoise/Stradbally Rd in County Laois. Icy conditions are reported in in Cavan and Donegal.  Icy conditions reported throughout Leinster, with dangerous driving conditions in Kilkenny, Westmeath and Louth. MORE
    2.24PM - Medium range weather models more widespread snow by midweek
    Neige=snow. (c) Meteociel

    2.17PM - Video of snow in Waterford City

    2.05PM - Dramatic shots of the snow on the M9 Motorway  and from Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny. Pics by Mark McDonald

    1.58PM - Disruption to Bus Eireann Services: Due to bad weather conditions in the east and north west of the country, a number of Bus Eireann services are experiencing delays. • 30 Donegal service heading south 60 minutes late, Cavan operated an airport service for waiting customers. • 182 Drogheda/Ardee service withdrawn from Tullyallen village due to icy conditions, Tullyallen customers will need to make their way to the main Collon Road to meet buses. • 103 Ashbourne / Duleek operating 30 minutes late. • 105 Ratoath/Dublin operating 30 minutes late. • 15.15 Waterford/Athlone service has been cancelled due to adverse conditions. • 15.00 Athlone/Waterford service has been cancelled due to adverse conditions.

    1.39PM - The N2 Derry/Dublin Rd southbound is blocked just before the Rath R/A approaching Ashbourne, where a truck is jack knifed. There are extremely heavy delays on approach.F rom AARoadwatch
    1.32PM Satellite image of Ireland.  Note the lying snow in the NW and SE. Image (c)

    12.45PM - Tonight's forecast from iWeather Online's Peter O'Donnell: variable cloud, longer clear intervals central to south coastal counties where lows could fall to -6 C inland ... west coastal counties remaining more cloudy with passing flurries, lows -2 C ... eastern counties may see some clear intervals but also some snow and this could once again become heavy at times with thunder ... lows near -3 C.
    12.44PM - The view from space

    12.42PM - Thaw underway in coastal areas of Leinster as daytime tempeatures peak at 3-4c
    12.39PM - Very icy road conditions around Co. Wexford; in particular around Gorey and New Ross, Bunclody. The Camolin/Ferns Rd is particularily treacherous and should be avoided. Icy road conditions around on the Dunmore Rd and around Waterford City. Icy conditions reported in parts of Co. Kilkenny in particular in Thomastown, Mooncoin and Freshford. M7/Kildare: Motorists are reporting treacherous conditions both ways on the M7 Limerick/Dublin Rd from J9 Naas North (Big Ball) through to J14 Monasterevin. 30 minute delays reported for northbound commuters. Also very icy on the N78 Athy/Kilcullen Rd at Kilmead and around Ballymore Eustace, Hollywood and Brannockstown. More from AA Roadwatch
    12.37PM - Heavy snow alert issued by the UK Met Office for Northern Ireland:
    Northern Ireland: Co Antrim, Co Derry, Co Tyrone
    Heavy Snow 1300 Sat 27 1800 Sat 27
    Snow showers will become heavier and more frequent through this afternoon. Accumulations of 5 cm possible, particularly away from the North Coast.  The public are advised to take extra care and refer to (operational hours 07.00 to 21.00 Mon to Fri and 09:00 to17:00 on Saturdays) for further advice on road conditions.

    12.32PM - AA Roadwatch reporting icy road conditions around Tralee Town and the Conor Pass is impassable. Also very icy around Kenmare, Listowel, Ardfert.In Clare, Gardai have reported black ice on the Ennis Bypass at the Skenhanagh R/A. 
    12.27PM - Dart services on south side disrupted. Overhead lines are down. Buses only till further notice.

    12.26PM - The view rfom space. Showers over SE and NW of Ireland

    12.18PM - Very icy road conditions around Co. Wexford; in particular around Gorey and New Ross, Bunclody. The Camolin/Ferns Rd is particularily treacherous and should be avoided.

    12.10PM - 6-7 inches of snow recorded at Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny. Pics by Mark McDonald

    12.04PM - The view from Wexford Town. Pic by Declan Kearney
    10.23AM - The M9 Waterford/Kilkenny Rd is closed northbound between Waterford and Mullinavat due to very poor conditions. A number of trucks have already jackknifed along this route and numerous cars are blocking traffic
    10.01AM - The view from Coolaney, Co Sligo. Pic Val Robus

    8.59AM - Heavy snowfall reported around Co. Wicklow. The Sally Gap and the Wicklow Gap are impassable
    7.09AM  - 5cm of Snow reported in Killiney
    7.00AM - Icy conditions and heavy snowfall have resulted in treacherous driving conditions nationwide with more severe weather on the way. A weather warning has been issued for Leinster, Ulster and west Connaught where accumulations of up to 10-15cm of snow are likely.  Much of south Connaught and Munster is expected to remain dry. However, night-time temperatures, coldest inland, will drop to between minus 2-8c.  View our long range forecast HERE