iWeather Online Alert - Heavy Snow Over Next 48hrs

ALERT for potential snowstorm and in some cases blizzard conditions developing gradually overnight in counties Meath, Dublin, Wicklow and parts of Wexford, and spreading through Tuesday morning to many other parts of Ireland, writes iWeather Online forecaster Peter O’Donnell.  

Despite the current cold conditions, an even colder wedge of Siberian origin is rapidly moving west today across the Baltic regions and should begin to drop temperatures further across the U.K. and then Ireland overnight and through the day on Tuesday. There will also be a stronger easterly wind gradient developing. These factors combined should create some strong sea-effect snow streamers that will gradually make more substantial progress inland.

Another area for possible sea-effect streamers will activate into the south coast, and the east coast activity will expand to cover Ulster. Snowfall amounts of 5 to 30 cms are possible across most of Ireland with the 30 cm amounts more likely to be in higher parts of Dublin and Wicklow and isolated higher districts further inland.
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I should emphasize that significant snow may develop this evening and overnight in areas close to Dublin and Wicklow but the more widespread and heaviest snow is more likely to come during the day tomorrow, so expect possibly 2 to 7 cms in some of those areas now to midnight, a further 2 to 7 midnight to 0700h before the main blast develops and extends the snowfall to larger portions of the country.

This activity should begin to fade back to something closer to today's situation on Wednesday but with the additional snow, there may be more issues with blowing snow, icy roads and lower overnight temperatures lasting to Thursday morning.