Cold Spell To Last For At Least 10 Days

IMAGE: Blocking highs drift east allowing Atlantic systems towards over Ireland. (c) Meteociel 

There has been somewhat of a wobble from the gfs model tonight regarding the longevity of this cold spell. 

Other models keep it going into the first week of December but there are tentative signs that the blocking highs over Europe will drift eastwards allowing the Atlantic to re-establish itself bringing milder air and more unsettled weather.

This very well may change again come tomorrow's medium range model runs.

Either way, at least 10 days of severe night frosts await us. North Mayo, West Galway, north clare, west Kerry, Sligo, Donegal, north Roscommon, Leitrim, Ulster, Meath, Louth, Wicklow, Dublin, Kilkenny and Carlow again remain at most risk of seeing any significant snow (predominantly through heavy showers or streamers in the east as opposed to an organised front). 

High ground, roughly 250-350ft above sea level, in the counties highlighted in bold are more likely to see snow than lower levels where precipitation is more likely going to be hail, wet snow or sleety rain. 

The above prediction regarding potential snowfall pertains to Friday and Saturday predominantly.

Frosts will become more severe as the week progresses with temperatures likely to dip to as low as minues 5 or 6c by the weekend, particularly in the Midlands, Mid West and sheltered parts of south Leinster. 

This is based on the latest runs only.  Tomorrow will no doubt paint a different picture.